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Post Decree Matters & Modification of Existing Orders

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Divorce Lawyer Colorado Springs

Most people envision divorce as final, but that is not always the case. We have often said that nothing is ever final when it comes to child custody orders, parenting plans, or child support.

Change happens!

Whether the parties are no longer able to follow the same parenting plan in place, whether a child’s needs change over time (they do!), whether a family needs to move due to a job change, or whether a significant change in income or finances occurs, the existing orders may need to be modified.

  • The main goal of a modification is to update or change a divorce decree, final orders, or current agreement to accurately reflects the situation facing the parties to the case.
  • If a divorce was finalized seven years ago, for example, many aspects of life may have changed including children’s sports and activities, employment, medical costs, etc.
  • Through modification, parents can address these changes and update their orders to fit their current schedules and situation.

Whether the modification includes changes in spousal maintenance (alimony), child support, custody orders, parenting plan or visitation, The Drexler Law Group provides some of the best services for post-decree modifications.

At The Drexler Law Group, we assist clients in modifying the terms or provisions of their existing divorce or separation agreement. Often, a decree or separation agreement no longer reflects real-world changes where the terms are now unfair, impracticable or even impossible based on current circumstances. Call our attorneys now to learn much more about modifications and your options during a free consultation and case evaluation.


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