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Welcome to the Family:
The Drexler Law Group

The Drexler Law Group is a family-operated and family-oriented law firm based in Colorado Springs and founded on the idea that the Client is more important than the firm. We focus on representing clients facing divorce, legal separation, child custody, adoption, child support, domestic violence, criminal and civil defense matters.

The Knowledge You Expect & The Compassion You Deserve

Combined with the Knowledge You Expect and the Compassion You Deserve, our attorneys are well-established in the legal community and respected for their dedication and aggressive representation. Both Matthew & Teresa Drexler have served as leaders in the community and continue to volunteer their time to champion causes in which they believe.

Matt and Teresa are not only exceptional advocates, advisors and attorneys, each has been in the position of our clients having navigated successfully through their own respective divorce and custody disputes. We pride ourselves on having the knowledge to navigate our clients through a process that we have been through ourselves.

Whether your matter requires full-scale litigation or whether your case is ideal for negotiation or mediation, our attorneys are committed to achieving results for the benefit of our clients and our clients' families.

Armed with Knowledge and Experience in Military Divorce

Our attorneys are experienced in handling military divorce and legal separations. Our partners are no strangers to military life. Matthew Drexler's family traveled with the United States Air Force as his step-father changed stations throughout Mattss childhood. Matt and Teresa know first-hand the impact of military life including PCS orders (permanent change in station) and the impact that relocation has on the entire family.

We routinely assist our military service members, spouses and their families in navigating through the division or military retirement and obtaining orders for spousal maintenance or alimony and child support even in situations where the non-servicemember may already be entitled to a portion of the service member's BAH or BAS (basic allowances for housing and sustenance). Our attorneys have been instrumental in advocating for our client's rights to their military pension, thrift savings plan (TSP), and other retirement benefit including healthcare benefits and ID card privileges.

Handling Complex Family Law & Domestic Violence Matters

By offering a cross discipline of representation, the attorneys at The Drexler Law Group are equipped to handle the most complex family law matters and high-asset divorces and separation. Teresa and Matt Drexler have the background, experience and tenacity to keep pressing forward where other attorneys may experience fatigue or resource limitation. We take pride in our teamwork approach and problem solving skills whether we are facing a hotly contested hearing or a unique parenting or custody plan.

Our attorneys are former District Attorneys and State Public Defenders and were Managing Partners of a large local law firm. Our attorneys know the many impacts and challenging facing those charged with domestic violence and know the importance of protecting the true victims of domestic violence including the children and affected spouse. Divorce, separation and custody disputes are ranked high on the list of the most stressful life events. The attorneys at The Drexler Law Group are poised and will remain your reliable partner and advocate even through the most trying, taxing and emotional times.


The knowledge you expect,
The compassion you deserve.

We appreciate that you are looking for dedicated and zealous representation and someone to fight for your rights. When you call The Drexler Law Group, that's exactly what you'll get. The attorneys and staff at The Drexler Law Group are friendly, experienced and professional. We are client-centered, results-focused and loyal advocates for our clients.

Don't hesitate to contact us immediately to schedule a consultation. You can call us at (719) 471-8000, or email us at