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At the Drexler Law Group, we have years of experience guiding people through divorces and other stressful family law situations, criminal cases, and estate planning matters. Our familiarity with state and federal law, combined with our personalized approach, allows the family law lawyers at the Drexler Law Group in Colorado Springs to treat each of our clients with respect and compassion while applying the knowledge our clients expect.

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Our primary area of practice is family law. This includes divorce, legal separation, child custody, adoption, prenuptial marital agreements, relocation, adoption, guardianship and all other family law matters that may arise for clients in Colorado Springs and throughout the State of Colorado.

Under Colorado law, it is not necessary to prove grounds for divorce because it is a "no fault" divorce state. This means that the state acknowledges that marriages sometimes break down despite the spouses' best intentions. Still, spousal misconduct such as adultery, abuse, or waste of financial assets can be considered by the court if it is relevant.

Both divorce and legal separations require a waiting period or "cooling off" period, which begins on the date that the divorce petition is served on or accepted by the other party (also referred to as the respondent). In contested matters, court-ordered investigations or evaluations can be utilized and the court will require mediation to explore any agreements regarding child custody or child support. Colorado is considered an "equitable division" state. The court will attempt to allocate real and personal property, as well as debts, in a fair but not necessarily equal manner. In dividing the assets and liabilities of a couple, the court will consider things such as the relative contributions of each party to the marriage, the value of the property, and whether the property is income-generating among a host of other factors the court must consider.

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