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Dividing Property in Colorado Divorces, Legal Separations and Dissolutions of Civil Unions: Cutting Property Division Down the Middle (literally?) or Applying Principles of Fairness

Colorado is not a community property state; instead, Colorado divorces, dissolution of civil unions and legal separations are governed by equitable principles or principles of fairness.  C.R.S. § 14-10-113.  Of course, what’s fair depends entirely on the circumstances of a particular divorce or legal separation. Where a “community property” state (for example, Louisiana, Arizona, California, […]

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How Long Do I Have to Wait to Get a Divorce in Colorado?

In Colorado, at least one spouse or partner in a civil union must be domiciled in Colorado for a minimum of 91 days prior to filing for a divorce.  In addition, the soonest a divorce decree (the actual order of dissolution of marriage) is 91 additional days.  The time requirements are often referred to as […]

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How Do I Keep My Legal Expenses Down?

In our Financial Impacts of Divorce Series, we mentioned in our earlier posting the Financial Impacts of a Divorce.  The Client is not always in charge of all the factors impacting the cost of a Divorce or Legal Separation.  So, another important question for a client to ask is: How Do I Keep My Costs […]

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Financial Impacts of a Colorado Divorce: The Real Cost of Divorce

How Much Does a Divorce or Legal Separation Cost?  It’s a perfectly valid question.  The client deposits a retainer and will budget payments on the remaining balance as his or her case progresses.  However, the true cost of a divorce or legal separation is hard to predict in some cases because the factors contributing to […]

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