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Child Custody Cases and Domestic Violence


If you facing a child custody battle after leaving an abuse marriage, contact us today! We can help!

Escaping an abusive situation by pursuing a divorce is a volatile situation where every step could lead to danger for you and your family. When children are in the picture, it’s even more important that the situation remains safe. Abusive partners use techniques like intimidation, guilt, and blackmail to get what they want, so keeping away from their influence is important in order to avoid an unhealthy family environment. As you proceed with the divorce, separation between abuser and family is key. However, a few legal steps are necessary in order to ensure that the court sees what is best for the children to provide a safe, satisfactory child custody arrangement.

A Court decision regarding child custody and child support function under the provision of what is best for the child. Your goal is to prove that the child’s environment with the abuser is not healthy. Recording incidents of abuse will be a good portion of your proof, even if they are difficult to relive or dwell on. Details like location, date

, and time, as well as tangible proof like pictures or hospital statements will bring these incidents to the courts’ attention and make your case strong.

The court will be make a decision while considering factors like whether the abuse was ever directed at the child, how much it affected the child, how often it occurred, and the criminal record of the abuser. Their determination will determine the arrangement, even down to visitation rights.

Leaving an abusive spouse is a dangerous situation. In addition to safeguarding your family by preparing emergency cash and supplies, finding experienced Colorado Springs family law attorneys early on can be the help you need. At The Drexler Law Group, we are dedicated to keeping you safe and setting you on the path to a better future for your family.


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